Overweight people are always looking for ways to get rid of unnecessary weight, but their lifestyle is preventing them from focusing on the diet and exercise, which are the two most important parts of weight loss. Some are having jobs where they sit all day long. From their home to the car and the building, there about 2 minutes of walking total. Some don't have time to cook and settle for fatty and high calories fast food. Poor nutrition and lack of exercise is a perfect formula for gain weight. Some people simply ignore their weight gain and continue until they have to face some kind of health complications. That's when doctors prescribe them Phentermine HCL based diet pills such as Adipex P.

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What is Adipex P?

Adipex P is a brand name of the prescription drug with active ingredient - Phentermine HCL. It comes in few different forms - White Tablet with Blue Specks is a generic form of the drug and Blue and White see through capsule with tiny balls inside is a brand name. Both generic and brand name forms are highly effective prescription only drugs for weight loss and it comes in different dosages of Phentermine - 15mg, 30mg and 37.5mg.

Where to buy Adipex diet pills?

You can buy adipex 37.5 (the most common dosage) at any drug store, super market with the pharmacy or hospital where there is a pharmacy. This diet pill is widely available and unlike other, rare drugs, buying it is not a problem. Any pharmacy in every 50 states will have adipex diet pills inventory for you and drugs will be given to you in the matter of minutes. Some pharmacies even deliver it to your home.

Are there any side effects

Yes - Adipex 37.5 is a prescription drug and just like any medicine it comes with a list of mild to sever side effects. It begins with some time of sleep problem following mild to sever headache. After that dizziness diarrhea, decreased interest in sex and more. Severe side effects include body swelling, extremely high blood pressure, confusion, fainting and pounding heartbeat. If you experience any of the above side effects, contact your doctor immediately or call 911.

Is there fake Adipex?

Yes, if you buy adipex online without prescription, you may receive something who knows where it is produced. Real adipex can only be purchased by prescription. There is no other legal way to get it. You must visit the doctor, go through physical exam and if you pass, doctor will determine if you need Adipex P or not. Only at the real pharmacy you can buy real Adipex. There many alternative diet pills that you can buy without prescription. The best one is PhenObestin 37.5 Extra Strength which you can get from number of web sites. The best site that sells PhenObesitn is

How Adipex P works?

There is no magic. There no such thing as "fat burner" that melts your fat away minute by minute. There no shortcuts either. Well except weight loss surgery... While you are on Adipex, you feel like you just don't want to eat anything and your stomach feels like its full of food, similar to after big meal feeling. It changes your feelings about food. Eating becomes less desirable. At the same time you get this burst of energy that you can't stay idle and you feel like you must do something. Sitting around is not an option. In reality Adipex mechanism of action is very similar to amphetamines. It forces hypothalamus to release norepinephrine that's responsible for "I am not hungry" messages to the brain. It also makes your brain to release more serotonin which gives you that feeling of energy.

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