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Adipex Side Effects

Many people who are thinking about asking their doctor for a prescription for Adipex have a question: What are the side effects of Adipex? They may also be wondering whether or not there are medical conditions that mean that someone cannot take this medication safely. The answer to both questions is that this medication (like any medication) has side effects that can be potentially serious, and that there are numerous cautions listing both diseases and elements of a patient’s medical history that make it inappropriate for many patients to receive a prescription for it.

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Cautions for Adipex

The first major caution is for patients who are suffering from conditions that include heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), arteriosclerosis, or glaucoma. The caution involving arteriosclerosis is noteworthy because this condition involves the development of hard plaque within the arteries. Recent research has shown that the length of time that someone is obese might increase the likelihood that someone will develop this medical condition. This means that someone may be unable to take Adipex to treat their obesity because they have a condition that their obesity itself caused. Other cautions include any type of allergy to this or any other similar medications, or recent treatment using other amphetamines (such as Adderall), as well as a past history of substance abuse. There are other medical conditions such as Type II Diabetes which should be disclosed with your doctor so they can take it into consideration when deciding whether or not to prescribe this medication, but diabetes itself is not a bar to taking it.

Medication Side Effects

This medication can have potentially serious side effects in some patients. One of the parts of the body this medication can seriously affect is the cardiovascular system, and it can cause complications ranging from pulmonary hypertension (in rare cases) to normal hypertension as well as heart palpitations and tachycardia (increased heart rate).S The nervous system can also have serious effects triggered by Phentermine, and these can cause potentially serious discomfort. This can include dizziness and headache, as well as tremors that make it potentially difficult to sit still. There are also side effects involving the digestive system, including dry mouth which many patients consider to be especially severe (despite the fact that this is a common side effect of many medications). It can also cause additional rare complications including psychiatric episodes. More common (and more moderate) side effects include insomnia, headache, diarrhea, constipation, as well as potential feelings of restlessness.

Side Effects of Rapid Weight Loss

While Adipex has been shown to have a relatively limited effect on a patient’s weight loss, there are also rapid weight loss side effects that should be noted as well. One of these side effects is gallstones, which can occur if you lose more than 3lbs each week. There are also additional side effects, including potential losses in muscle mass that mean that you reduce the amount of your weight on the scale but in fact are in worse shape than before. All these side effects should be considered when you make the decision along with your doctor about whether or not this medication is right for you.

Alternatives are Available

If you are thinking about taking Adipex because you believe it is your only option, you should know that there are safe alternatives available. PhenObestin 37.5 is a dietary supplement that is intended to assist those suffering from obesity in reducing hunger and increasing their metabolism, and is built around active ingredients that include Phenylethylamine HCL, as well as other ingredients that increase its absorption. PhenObestin is safe and effective and available without a prescription from a physician, and has the same benefits of medications such as Phentermine or Adipex without the potentially serious side effects. It is been on the market for over two years and has more than 70,000 satisfied clients.