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Before buying Adipex online it is important to know that this drug is a Schedule IV controlled substance that is available only with a prescription from a doctor. Prior to prescribing it, a doctor will examine the patient's medical history to determine whether or not it is right for them. This will include both an examination of the patient's medical history as well as their medications to determine whether or not there is anything in their medical history that would make them fall under one of the numerous cautions. There are also other situations in which a doctor will not prescribe this drug, such as if they identify medications that could cause harmful interactions, or if the patient has a history of drug addiction that puts them at risk of becoming addicted. These are all factors that a doctor will consider when determining whether or not to prescribe it to a patient. Learn more about Adipex...

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Despite this, there are many people who were either rejected for a prescription or who do not want to go through the difficulty of obtaining one. For these people, the option of attempting to buy Adipex from an "online pharmacy" that does not require a prescription may initially seem attractive. You get the medication at a discounted price without having to see a doctor. What could go wrong? A lot, it turns out. First of all, it is a Schedule IV controlled substance under the controlled substances act. This makes purchasing this drug without a prescription illegal. If the drug is being shipped from outside the United States, then there is a high probability that US Customs and Border Protection will seize it when it first enters the country. Instead of receiving a package containing Phentermine, you will receive a notice of seizure from US Customs. If you try to call the online pharmacy they will most likely refuse to issue you a refund, so you will not receive your shipment and you will get no money back from them.

In addition, it is important to remember that even if the pills that you order are not seized by US Customs, that does not mean that they are what you think you are getting. Online "pharmacies" are frequently subjected to crackdowns by the US government and there are thousands of them that get routinely shut down. Many of the pills seized when these sites are shut down are found not to be labeled correctly, and may be dangerous and counterfeit. If you attempt to order Adipex online, what you will in all likelihood get is either a notice from US Customs and Border Protection notifying you that your package has been seized, or counterfeit pills that may be dangerous. This is why attempting to order it online without a prescription is an extremely bad idea.