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Buy Adipex Online no Prescription

Adipex, and indeed all other drugs containing Phentermine are Schedule IV controlled substances that are available only with a prescription. This makes attempting to order Adipex wieght loss pills without a prescription illegal. Despite this, there are a number of online "pharmacies" (if a place illegally selling drugs can be called a pharmacy) that claim to offer this drug or other forms of Phentermine without requiring a doctor's prescription. These sites may also offer the drug in dosages that are not available in the United States, or at prices that are far below what legitimate pharmacies charge.

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This should be the first red flag with these sites. If a drug is only available with a prescription from a doctor, than attempting to order without prescription is illegal. Also, it is important to remember that online pharmacies that are selling drugs illegally are not likely to be in compliance with the regulations that are in effect governing normal pharmacies. For example, online pharmacies may not be telling the truth about where they are located, or may include false information about the certifications they have, thus claiming to be legitimate when in fact they are not. When you order medication from these "pharmacies" you are breaking the law, and if it is shipped from outside the United States, the medication is likely to be seized at the border. If you actually receive it, you may receive medication that has an expired shelf life, medication that is counterfeit (and potentially dangerous) or medication that has been adulterated by contamination. If you are not satisfied with your order (if it is not seized) then you will not have any recourse against the web site that sold you the medication. The normal rules of complaining do not work if the transaction itself is in violation of the law.

In addition, there are problems that may arise with the shipping itself that can cause the medication to be damaged while it is being delivered from the online "pharmacy" to your home or place of business. All of these are reasons why attempting to order it or indeed any prescription drug online illegally is an extremely bad idea. There is also the outside risk that you could be prosecuted after a shipment is seized by customs because your actions in attempting to purchase this type of medication without a prescription are in violation of federal laws. Think about the risk – you pay a lot of money for a prescription to a fly-by-night operator and you receive nothing, get a seizure notice from US Customs and Border Protection, or receive pills that are counterfeit and potentially dangerous to your health. Before Buying it Without Prescription from one of these illegal online pharmacy operators think about the risk, and think about whether or not what you really want is an alternative to Adipex such as PhenObestin 37.5, which can be ordered online with a prescription and shipped to most countries around the world.