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Many people who feel that they are overweight but do not want to go through the trouble of getting a prescription might be attempted to try and attempt to buy Phentermine or Adipex Online. They may see many of the online pharmacies that make it appear so easy. They even claim that they take credit cards and that ordering Phentermine from sites that let you buy online is as easy as ordering anything else. This misconception is the source of much consternation for those who try to do business with these sites when they receive their packages.

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Everyone who orders from these sites is destined to be disappointed or harmed by it, the question is when. The harm could occur early – perhaps when you receive a seizure notice from US Customs and Border Protection instead of the pills that you were expecting to receive from the seller. You will get a letter saying that a shipment was sent to your address that has been seized because the contents of the shipment were illegal. If you attempt to get your money back at this stage you will be met with no response, or the site will tell you that they fulfilled their part of the deal by shipping it. Then you are stuck without your money or the product that you ordered.

However, this is in some ways not the worst possible outcome if you try to do business with one of these sites, because at least you are not harmed. Perhaps you will learn your lesson and be $100 to $200 poorer but wiser in the ways of the world.

Far worse things can happen when you actually receive your package – there is no guarantee that what you receive is what you actually ordered. In all likelihood what you receive is going to be one of a few things. You can get expired medication that is not effective and may be harmful. You can get medication that is counterfeit and a placebo, or you can get medication that is not legally obtainable in the United States, which, by definition, means that the package that you receive is not what you ordered. Perhaps worse is if what you receive is something that is counterfeit. These pills sometimes contain a small amount of the active ingredient to fool those who try to test them, but the only result in this case is that you will quickly build up a tolerance. Sometimes counterfeit pills can actually contain ingredients that have been banned for being hazardous to your health. Fake Adipex pills have even been found to contain fenfluramine, a component of the now-banned combination drug Fen-Phen that caused substantial harm to everyone who took it.

If you receive pills containing Fenfluramine you should keep in mind that if you take it illegally you will receive all of the health problems of those who were harmed by this drug, but you will not be able to obtain any compensation for it. It has been shown to cause heart problems in as many as one-third of the patients who take it.

Before you try to buy Phentermine online you should ask yourself the following question: What do I really want? Do I really want to order it or do I want to lose weight? Do I want to see if there are alternatives available that can achieve similar results without the same side effects, and without the risks of ordering from an illegitimate online pharmacy.