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Cheap Phentermine

As you think about different weight loss solutions to address your health issues, you may notice that there are many online sites that are offering cheap Phentermine online to consumers who place orders with them. These sites also typically say that they will sell you the medication without requiring a prescription. When you see these sites you may be wondering whether or not there is something about them that is too good to be true, and the answer is that you should remember the old adage that if something appears to be too good to be true than it probably is.

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Phentermine Requires a Prescription

Phentermine requires a prescription from your doctor to legally purchase it in the United States, and when you buy it you have to get it at a properly licensed and regulated pharmacy. As a matter of fact, Phentermine is a Schedule IV Controlled Substance under the Controlled Substances Act, which means that while it is not as strictly scheduled as some other prescription drugs it is nonetheless of enough concern to warrant federal regulation. By definition, Schedule IV Controlled Substances require a prescription from your doctor. Despite any claims to the contrary, there is no way to order it online.

Sites Offering to Sell Phentermine Cheaply Are Fraudulent

The US government has conducted many investigations of these online "pharmacies" and the results are alarming. Among the medications that were seized as part of these investigations include those with dosages unavailable in the United States, medications that are expired, as well as those that were counterfeit. Sometimes counterfeit drugs can be made using substances that can be very harmful to your health. As an example, in one case consumers thought that they were buying Adderall without a prescription, but what they were purchasing was instead Pseudoephedrine, a decongestant. In other cases more dangerous substances have been used including those that are potentially poisonous. In many ways, if you try to order Phentermine from an online pharmacy that is located abroad and receive a letter from US Customs and Border Protection that it has been seized you are in fact receiving a blessing in disguise. They can also contain medications that have been banned due to the health dangers that they can cause those who take them. As an example, in one recent incident there were fake Phentermine tablets that were found to contain fenfluramine, which is the component of the now-withdrawn drug Fen-Phen that was responsible for the serious health complications that it caused.

Identifying Fake Phentermine

There are many ways to identify fake Phentermine tablets to ensure that you are not the victim of a scam. Many times those creating these fake pills will use names of manufacturers that do not currently make the drug, which is an easy way to spot counterfeits. For example there were some pills seized in an investigation that had the Actavis logo on them that turned out to include fenfluramine rather than Phentermine, meaning that people thought they were obtaining products without a prescription but instead were obtaining medication that was banned by the US government because it was found to cause potentially serious health complications.