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PhenObestin Saved My Life!

I read and watched a ton of phenobestin reviews on the Internet before deciding to try it myself. I have been fat my entire life. I have never been able to lose more than a few pounds and always gained them back no matter what I did. I wanted to try Adipex, but the stuff scared me. Plus, I figured if I took it for a few weeks I would just gain back any weight I lost just like everything else.

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I found PhenObestin by reading about it in a forum. Ordering it was easy. I took the pills twice a day. After just one day I noticed some changes. The first thing I noticed was that I just wasn’t as hungry. For the first time in my life I really didn’t want to eat a whole bunch.

After a few days I was surprised to find I had more energy. I was getting up an hour earlier that before. Getting up at 6 gave me time to exercise. That was the other surprise to me, I wanted to exercise. The other phenobestin reviews I had seen all said the same things. I really didn’t believe the reviews. I figured the people were exaggerating or had been pt up to it. But, I was desperate. My doctor had told me if I didn’t start loosing weight I was going to die of a heart attack or stroke, it was just a matter of time.

After just a week on PhenObestin life began to turnaround. I looked forward to getting on the scale. Everyday I was losing weight. I had to buy new clothes after two weeks because my old clothes were just falling off me. I felt alive. Instead spending all thinking about food and snacking, I kept checking to see how long until I could go workout. With every workout I felt like I wanted to do more. I had been scared of getting hooked on diet pills, and now I was hooked on exercise! Lol.

I have lost over 50 pounds since I started taking PhenObestin. I have found this pill does everything all the reviewers said. I am not hungry, I am eating less. I have more energy, and I am losing pounds and inches everyday.

At my last doctor’s visit the doctor told me my blood pressure and heart rate were both down to much healthier levels. He told me I looked fabulous. He asked what I had been doing and I told him I had been taking PhenObestin. He said he isn’t surprised it is helping me. He said it was a compound chemically designed to work with my body to lose weight.

The best part of my new life happened just yesterday. I went outside to check on my son. He was kicking a ball around the yard. The ball bounced over near me and I ran over and kicked it back to him. My son just stood there and said, “Mom, you are going to play with me outside?” I wanted to cry. We have never played outside together because I never had the energy. PhenObestin saved my life.