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Phentermine 37.5

Phentermine 37.5 is the strongest dose of the powerful and dangerous weight loss drug Phentermine that you can buy in pill or tablet form. The 37.5 mg dosage is supposed to help you loose weight. However, patients all over the world have complained about the drug losing its effectiveness over time. Some patients try to order Phentermine 37.5 without a prescription, only to find out it is illegal to do so.

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Why Phentermine Stops Working

Patients taking Phentermine will often plateau in their weight loss after several months. Their bodies become accustomed to the drug and stop responding as vigorously as before. The solution is often to increase the dosage. The problem is that Phentermine can only be taken at a maximum dosage of 37.5 mg. This dosage is only allowed for up to eight months at a time. Once patients have to stop taking Phentermine they not only stop losing any weight, they also often begin gaining weight. The drug is not a permanent weight loss solution because it works only at increasingly higher and higher doses, and doctors eventually will stop prescribing the pills.

Why Do Doctors Only Allow Eight Months of Use

Ethical doctors will not prescribe Phentermine 37.5 for a period longer than eight months because of the side effects. Taking this toxic drug can increase chances of heart disease and having a stroke or heart attack. The rate of these potentially lethal side effects greatly increases after eight months of use.

Despite the fact that it is illegal to get Phentermine 37.5 without a prescription, many people order Phentermine online with no prescription. Ordering Phentermine online with no prescription is illegal. Worldwide, regulators have tried to ban or severely limit access to Phentermine because of the hazards the drug poses. When patients order Phentermine 37.5 without a prescription, they are choosing to take a hazardous product into their body without the supervision of a doctor. The pill is probably not even ordered from a legitimate pharmacy, but more likely from a criminal enterprise.

Safe Phentermine Alternative

Instead of deciding to order Phentermine online with no prescription, people looking for help losing weight should turn to PhenObestin 37.5. This compound does not require a prescription or doctor’s visit. It is made from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is a supplement in the United States. Because this product is not toxic, patients are not limited to eight-month regimens in using it.

PhenObestin 37.5 is designed to work with your body, helping you to get more from your body. Because this amazing compound dies not have the same dangerous links to heart attacks and strokes, its use is not controlled by governments wary of Phentermine's dangers to human health.

Patients seeking to improve their health by losing weight should not jeopardize their bodies by ordering Phentermine online with no prescription. The drug is not safe to use without a doctor’s supervision, and can be hazardous even under the care of a doctor. Instead of ordering Phentermine 37.5 without a prescription, order the much safe over the counter PhenObestin 37.5.