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Phentermine HCL?

Perhaps you are confused at the terms being thrown around relating to Phentermine HCL or Adipex. Are they the same? What are the circumstances when you are prescribed one over the other? What’s the difference between Adipex and Phentermine HCL?

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Phentermine HCL is the hydrochloride salt of Phentermine, a drug that is prescribed to patients who are seeking to lose weight over the short term as part of a diet and exercise program. Phentermine itself has been on the market since 1959, while the hydrochloride salt form (Phentermine HCL) has been available since the 1970s. The difference between the two forms is primarily found in the way that it is absorbed when you take it. If you take pure Phentermine that is not in the HCL form, you are likely to be taking a type of pill that includes an ion exchange resin.

Another significant difference between the HCL form of Phentermine and the regular form has to do with the dosage. The most common full dose of Phentermine is the 37.5mg dose, which may lead many to believe that is the only full dose of Phentermine. If someone is being prescribed 30mg instead of 37.5mg then it means that it is going to be less effective because the dose is smaller. As it turns out, things are just not so simple. If someone is taking Phentermine in the HCL form then the 37.5mg dose is similar to the 30mg dose when it is a conventional type of pill.

As a patient taking medication, it is important to remember that the distinction between the two forms of Phentermine does not affect the side effects of the medication that you can expect to experience while taking it. There are potentially serious cardiovascular and behavioral side effects that are common to both forms of the medication. In addition, more common side effects such as dry mouth (which many patients taking Phentermine find to be especially severe) are found in both forms of the medication.

Adipex is the same as Phentermine HCL, as Adipex is simply the brand name that Teva Pharmaceuticals uses for its brand of Phentermine. It is chemically identical to all the other forms of the medication that are available on the market that are produced by a large number of manufacturers.