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Can I purchase Phentermine Online?

You may be familiar with many of the online Phentermine sites claiming that they can deliver this medication to you without a prescription, and you may be wondering if these sites are too good to be true. The answer is that they are. You cannot legally buy this or any other prescription medication from an online pharmacy that does not require you to have a prescription. Sites that claim to offer you the ability to purchase this or any other medication are operating in violation of federal laws and there is no guarantee that what you receive will be real medication.

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An Unregulated and Illegal Market

When you see these sites promising something that is too good to be true, you should take a moment and think about it. There are two important things to remember about these sites. First, they operate outside of any rules or regulations that apply to pharmacies. Pharmacies have one of the most critical duties of all in the field of health care – they dispense medication to you after you have received a prescription from your doctor. When you take medication you have to be certain that it is not contaminated, and that it is exactly what your doctor prescribed for you in terms of both the composition and the dosage. If pharmacies make mistakes in this regard the consequences can be serious and even fatal in some cases. Just recently, problems have arisen with compounding pharmacies that used improper sanitation, such as a pharmacy in Massachusetts that produced contaminated steroids for patients who are suffering from back or neck pain. Patients who took these steroids developed fungal meningitis, a potentially-fatal infection that requires expensive treatments to cure.

The Costs of Contaminated Medication

If you are looking to where to buy Phentermine online without the proper prescription from your physician, you should think about the potential health hazards from contaminated or counterfeit medication. How much do you save by buying medication online? It may seem like you are getting a bargain. However, before you buy it, you should compare the amount that you save to the potential cost of infections such as fungal meningitis, which can cost up to approximately $6000 per month to treat.

Additional Dangers

There are other problems with it as well – if the medication delivered has some of the active ingredient but not the proper amount it can cause you to develop tolerance to it, making the real medication ineffective. Think before you purchase from any of these online pharmacy operators. For people who do so, a notice that their package has been seized at the border may be the least of their worries compared to the potential harm that may come from the medication itself once it is delivered. Attempting to purchase Phentermine or any other medication online without a prescription is simply not worth the risk when there are safer alternatives available.