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Phentermine Reviews

Review #1: My husband and I married very young and we had five children before we were done. As my kids started to grow up I realized that I didn't like what the pregnancies had done to my body, and was too busy to spend a lot of time exercising. My doctor prescribed me Phentermine three weeks ago and I've lost some weight but it's been difficult, my mouth has been so dry that I've had to carry a water bottle around with me all the time. -Laura from San Diego, CA

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Review #2: Phentermine is a miracle drug! I took it for twelve weeks and I lost 25 pounds. It not only made me want to eat less but it also increased by energy to exercise. It made me want to go ride my bike every day. -Michael from Chicago, IL

Review #3: I am 29 years old and 5'7, and I realized a few months ago that I was having a problem with my weight. I went to the doctor's office for a physical and was shocked when I was forced to confront my weight: 279 lbs. I got a Phentermine prescription soon afterwards and it helped me overcome my cravings for food, and made it easier for me to lose weight and gave me more energy to exercise. I've lost 21 pounds so far and it's looking good! -Sylvester from Miami, FL

Review #4: I tried taking Phentermine about a year ago but I had a series of personal crises that made it really difficult to get out of the house and exercise. It started off well but by the end I gained back the weight that I lost. I'm thinking about whether or not I should try it again. If I try it again I might use Adipex, it is important to remember when you see Adipex vs Phentermine in reviews that they are the same medication. If you want to take it be sure to realize it's not a solution by itself. -Larry from Oklahoma City, OK

Review #5: Phentermine works, if you are willing to deal with its side effects. I lost 12 pounds the first two months that I was taking it but I had to stop because things started getting really bad. I would be nauseous all day and then go to the bathroom and sit there with bad constipation. I lost some weight but it just wasn't worth it. I want to try an alternative. -Stacy from New York, NY

Review #6: I'm a single mom. I have to run around a lot in the city and recently I was at a metro station and the escalator was broken and I had to stop several times on the way up. People were looking at me and I decided that I wanted to see if there was something I could do to lose weight. My doctor suggested Phentermine. I didn't exercise much while taking it but I did manage to lose 20lbs because I wasn't craving food as much, but I gained 10lbs back soon after. -Sylvia from Washington, DC

Review #7: I found a doctor who gave me Phentermine because I wanted to lose a little bit of weight even though I don't really work out that much. I lost 19lbs over the three months I was taking it but gained it back afterwards. I guess there are no simple solutions. -Jason from Philadelphia, PA

Review #8: I took Phentermine for two months in the 37.5mg capsule form. My doctor said I could stay on it for a few more weeks but I didn't like the difficulties I was having sleeping. He said I could try switching from the extended release to instant release, but I did this for a couple of weeks and found that my cravings for unhealthy food came back late in the day. This isn't for everyone. -Molly from Columbia, SC

Review #9: I took Phentermine 37.5mg instant release and I lost 31lbs over 3 months (I was working out every day also and only working part time). It helped me lose weight but to keep it off I want to do something different. I might look at some of the alternatives out there to see if there is anything that has less side effects and that I can keep taking for a long time. -Gary from Portland, OR

Review #10: They say that if you take Phentermine and work out you will lose more weight than if you don't take it. I decided to get a prescription because I had lost some weight (down from 310 to 285) but I was hitting a wall and am busy. I ended up dropping to 267lbs during the three months that I took it. The one thing you have to watch out for is that it's a stimulant so if you split up the dose (as I did) it might keep you up at night. -Sydney from Birmingham, AL

Review #11: I took it for the full three months but by the end I felt like it wasn't doing anything for me anymore. I lost 14lbs during the first six weeks but during the last six weeks I only lost 4lb. maybe I built up a tolerance to it too quickly. -Claire from Providence, RI

Review #12: What you get out of Phentermine depends on what you put in - in terms of dieting, exercise, etc. I think a lot of people take it thinking that the warnings that they should change their habits are put there so that the drug makers don't get sued but it's the truth. I took it and worked out every day and I lost 31lb over three months. Not bad at all. If you are thinking about taking it remember that you get what you put into it. -Luke from Los Angeles, CA

Review #13: It's really hard to take Phentermine for a long time because of what starts happening to you. I had to stop after a month even though I had lost a few pounds. I started having nausea, diarrhea, and I got hyperactive and really irritable to the point where it started causing me problems at work. I decided that I needed to find another way to lose weight. -Joseph from Detroit, MI

Review #14: I took Phentermine for two months and I lost 20lbs with some light walking. I wasn't exercising before but once I started taking it I made a point to walk at least a mile a day, and it really helped. This is a good medication. -Jenny from Denver, CO

Review #15: I took Fen-Phen during the 1990s, but I didn't tell my doctor that because I wanted to take Phentermine also. It was irresponsible but I accepted the risk. I started shivering all the time and throwing up and I decided I just didn't want to tempt fate with my health anymore. I am going to try one of the alternative natural products. I hope one of them works. -Pete from San Diego, CA

Review #16: DO NOT try to order Phentermine from an online pharmacy without a prescription. I ordered it and two weeks later got a notice from US Customs telling me they had seized my package. I called the site and asked for a refund and they said it wasn't there fault it got seized. I'm out the money that I paid for it. -Carol from Jacksonville, FL

Review #17: My doctor gave me a 37.5mg Phentermine prescription and the pharmacy gave me Phentermine. I took the instant release formula after breakfast. It worked as advertised and I lost 26lbs during the three months that I took it. -Lewis from Raleigh, NC.

Review #18: A problem that no one thinks about with drugs like this is how they will affect you when you are working out. I was losing sleep while taking Phentermine and this meant that many days I woke up just too tired to go on my morning jog. I lost 14lbs in 2 months but with reduced exercise. I didn't like this because I was getting out of the house less. -Kate from Milwaukee, WI

Review #19: I'm an avid mountain climber so I get exercise that way. I wanted to look better so that's why I took Phentermine. It worked well, I lost 31lbs in 3 months and am in the best shape of my life. The only problem is that it made my mouth really dry but I just brought along water with me. -Kristi from Hartford, CT

Review #20: I tried Phentermine once before and I lost a lot of weight during the time I was taking it, but I gained it back afterwards. I got another prescription and have been working out since then and I've lost some weight but it seems as though you just build up a tolerance to it too quickly. -Ben from Portland, ME