​As mentioned above, when using Phentermine or Qsymia, there are major lifestyle changes that must be made to have success in the weight loss journey. The first of these changes that your physician will likely discuss with you is a reduction in daily caloric intake. This, however, does not happen quickly and dramatically. Your doctor will most likely make an assessment of how many calories you are currently consuming per day and then gradually reduce that number to a more healthy and stable amount that will be productive to the weight loss goals that you have set together. 
During this gradual decrease many people experience the intense cravings that were mentioned, and this is where Qsymia can come in very handy. Some people have much success with Phentermine 37.5 alone, but for those who are having trouble with keeping the cravings in check, the Topiramate that is added to Qsymia can be the one addition that can make all the difference. Various studies have examined different levels of daily caloric intake while taking Phentermine, but the most widely accepted number of calories for weight loss is around 1,500 calories per day. Some studies have examined a diet with less daily caloric intake, but it is recommended that no individual consumes less than 1,200 calories per day, so it is very important to keep track of your eating habits and communicate these with your doctor to ensure that you are doing what is healthiest for you. While you want to reduce the amount of food you are eating, it is still important to properly nourish your body and get all the vitamins and minerals that are needed for optimal biological function.
​Aside from diet changes, your doctor will also prescribe exercise as a lifestyle change if you have been prescribed to Qsymia for weight loss. This can be even more daunting for some than the dietary changes, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating in this way. Exercise can be fun, and along with being physically healthy and aiding in weight loss, it can help your mental state along the often difficult road of shedding those excess pounds. The more you exercise, the more endorphins and serotonin your brain will produce. These can help you to feel happier and more motivated. Also, the weight loss you start to see with increased physical activity will be another huge motivator once you start seeing the results. Since Phentermine as well as Qsymia (which contains Phentermine) is not to be taken for more than twelve weeks, these lifestyle changes are very essential while using these drugs. It is so important to continue on with a healthy diet and exercise after you stop taking any drug containing Phentermine. But just how much exercise should you be getting. So far, research studies involving Phentermine have shown that individuals using this drug should exercise at least three times per week for one hour each session. This can obviously vary from individual to individual, and your doctor will be able to curtail any plan to your specific needs. Even though at least three sessions per week are recommended for the minimum, if your doctor approves, it is ideal to exercise five or six times per week. The more you do the more you will begin to enjoy it and it will be easier to continue this regimen over time. The results and improved physical and mental state will definitely be great motivators to continue on with a healthy workout program. It is also advised to engage in physical activity that you enjoy. Get workout partners and find creative ways to get aerobic exercise that will get your heart rate up and help to burn fat more quickly. And as always, keep in communication with your doctor about any of the exercise that you are doing to ensure that it is healthy for you and your individual needs.
Some individuals may be having trouble shedding weight but may also not be great candidates for these prescription drugs like Qsymia. For these individuals, over the counter products may be a simpler yet still effective option. Speak with your doctor about taking dietary supplements that may help to increase energy and aid in weight loss. One such over the counter product is PhenObestin. Users have reported energy increases, which is one effect of Phentermine. This can help with motivation to exercise as well as help to curb food cravings. This product is an all natural neutraceutical and has been gaining wide attention in the weight loss community. Speak with your doctor to see if this product may be a safe and viable option for you to aid in your weight loss journey. Best of luck to you! You can do it!