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Where to buy adipex

Where can I buy Adipex? You have heard about this supposed wonder drug and now want to buy Adipex diet pills. Only licensed pharmacies are legally permitted to dispense the Class IV controlled substance and only to patients with a valid prescription from their doctor. If you want to know where you can buy Adipex over the counter, you cannot legally buy it anywhere over the counter.

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The first step in obtaining Adipex is to have a rigorous and thorough physical examination. Doctors are reluctant to prescribe such a powerful drug because of all of the health risks associated with it. Typically certain weight and body mass index requirements have to be met. Adipex is not a casual weight loss drug. Adipex and Adipex P are brand names for Phentermine, a drug from the notorious Fen-phen family. Next the doctor may require a stress test to determine the health of your heart and lungs. There have been several reported links between heart attacks and strokes and the prolonged use of Adipex.

If the doctor issues a prescription at all, it will only be for a limited time and as part of a demanding exercise and diet program. Then if you are still wondering, “where do I buy Adipex?” you can take your prescription to your local pharmacist. This drug cannot be sold by just anyone, and most online pharmacies are not authorized to sell this controlled substance.

There have been cases where people who struggle with weight loss have been told by their doctors they cannot be prescribed Adipex because they are not obese enough. Frustrated, these patients will take to the Internet to find where you can buy Adipex over the counter, or they will ask their friends who have illicitly obtained the medication, “Where do I buy Adipex?” The problem with purchasing the drugs without a prescription is several fold. Buying the drug is illegal. The smallest consequence may simply be the drugs are confiscated and you are out the price of purchase. You could be criminally charged for trying to buy the drugs illegally. If you actually receive the drugs and are later found out, you could be guilty of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The biggest risk to buying Adipex over the counter is to your health. A doctor will not be willing to supervise your weight loss program if you are on the drug illegally. You may miss important warning signs and suffer serious side effects from the drug.

Patients take these risks because they mistakenly believe taking Adipex will make the pounds just melt away. However, weight loss will not occur, even on Adipex, in serious amounts without behavior modification, changes in diet, and exercise. Everybody is different and may require different amounts of these weight loss components. Simply searching for where to buy Adipex or where to buy Adipex P, the same drug with another name, without medical supervision and without commitment to a full weight loss program will end not only in failure to lose weight and keep it off, but potentially in serious physical injury.

Laws around controlled substances are rigorous because the consequences of improperly taking medications are so high. If seeking where you can buy Adipex because your doctor won’t give it to you, realize you may be putting your life in the hands online so-called pharmacists who are running illegal businesses.