Acxion is another form of Phentermine based weight loss drug sold in Latin America. Developed by a pharmaceutical company in Mexico that’s been around for over 50 years. Generally Acxion comes with 30mg of active ingredient – Fentermina and sold in Mexico and other countries of South America by prescription only. It comes in packs of 30 Tableta and costs around 20 Pesos per tablet. Each 30mg tablet is a small oval shaped white pill with a divider in the middle. Another 15mg version of Acxion comes in a capsules form.There is no release mechanism and it is similar to any kind of generic Phentermine HCL products.

Can you lose weight on Acxion?

buy Acxion with Fentermina
30mg Tablets of Phentermine – Acxion by IFA Celtics

Certainly it is possible to lose weight on Acxion. Just like any Phentermine based appetite suppressant, it can be taken daily. If your doctor prescribes it to you after a careful health exam and confirms that you are healthy enough to get on the program, you may begin taking it. Generally you will be able to lose about a pound of fat per week. If for some reason you stop seeing weight loss, go back to your doctor and go over all the pros and cons why. It is advised by any physician that you need to begin your Phentermine regimen with the smallest possible dose and the best pill for that purpose is Lomaira with 8mg of Phentermine. If you absolutely have to have Acxion, start with 15mg capsules and move to 30mg when needed.

Can I bring Acxion back to the US if I live near the border?

ifa celtics makers of Acxion
Makers of popular Phentermine pills in Mexico

If you are living around Mexican border, you can just cross over to Mexico and get it. Just visit a doctor and pay very little for the appointment to get a prescription. Acxion is sold everywhere in Mexico, including Tijuana, Tecate, Calexico, San Luis, Yuma and other border towns. Unlike the United States, the cost will be a lot lower for you to go to Mexico and buy Acxion. Remember that you must consult authorities before bringing Acxion back to the United States. It might be illegal to cross the US border with Acxion in your pocket. Make sure that US authorities are allowing you to bring it in, otherwise, if you live nearby and able to keep it in Mexico, that will be the best case scenario. You may also find a gym or a weight loss center in one of the border towns and go there to work out. It will cost you a lot less.

Is it safe to buy Acxion from Mexico?

Unlike the United States, Mexico does not have strict rules when it comes to manufacturing of prescription medicine. You must be aware of all the regulatory restrictions imposed by the local authorities. Mexico’s COFEPRIS controls pharmaceutical companies and it looks like IFA Celtics – makers of Acxion are in total compliance with the regulations. IFA Celtics net worth is around $189 million and it employs 46 individuals. Compared to TEVA, that makes Adipex P – 42,535 employees, $33.75 billion in cash revenue and $6.75 billion in shares on Nasdaq with subsidiary Novopharm, SICOR, IVAX and others. It is recommended to take Acxion cautiously and in case of any complications, there is little that can be done in Mexico. We strongly advise you to visit a US doctor and purchase Phentermine from more reputable sources. If you are looking for a solid generic product – Adipex P is by far better choice, considering all the pros and cons.