Adipex P

Adipex P is a prescription only weight loss drug. The main ingredient is Phentermine HCL. This is a branded name medication that comes with 37.5mg of active ingredient. Normally it looks like either a slow release white tablet with blue specks or a white and blue capsule. This medicine is only sold in the North American market. If you trying to buy Adipex online without prescription, you need to get familiar with your country laws, it might be illegal.

Phentermine is the main ingredient in Adipex P and is widely used as prescription only treatment of obesity. Individuals whose health is in danger because of excessive weight, who’s weight loss efforts failed, may qualify to use this drug.

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In order to obtain a proper prescription, a person must go through physical evaluation. Some people may not be qualified due to risk factors associated with their health conditions since it is a stimulant. Most of the patients qualify, but some require more medical supervision compared to others.

Fake vs. Genuine

Adipex P Label
Teva pharmaceuticals Adipex P - the most popular Phentermine pill

Due to many counterfeit medications circulating the world, some illegal sites may offer Adipex online without prescription. That’s not true. It is impossible to legally obtain prescription drugs online without seeing a doctor.

Some local drug stores may offer you to buy Adipex online, but at the time of delivery, prescription and ID will be verified. If you are trying to buy Adipex without prescription online from unknown sources, it is definitely fake.

A lot of illegal shops are operating out of countries like Pakistan. There is no real manufacturing. Capsules are assembled by hand at some illegal shops without any sanitary measures. In 99% of cases, these capsules are not even filled with Phentermine HCL. There are lots of risks. Nobody knows what kind of substance is being used. There is a huge potential of bacterial contamination among many other issues. Do not try to purchase online, it’s much safer to visit your doctor and ask for a prescription.

The only maker of this medicine is Teva Pharmaceuticals. There is no generic form. Whenever you get a bottle of Adipex, always make sure that it says “Teva” on the label. If for some reason it’s something else, it may just be a generic form of Phentermine, that normally cost $30 or a counterfeit drug.

How much does it cost to buy Adipex?

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Adipex P slow release capsules

Due to the fact that it’s required to visit a primary care physician for health evaluation, the cost of Adipex is high. If you don’t have medical insurance, you will be responsible for the total cost. First of all, a doctor’s test will cost you a fortune. Depending on the test results, you will be required to pay at least $400 out of pocket just for the visit. Depending on the blood tests you need, it may cost thousands, before you are able to get the prescription. In case you need to see a nutritionist or endocrinologist, because your doctor may want to make sure that it’s safe for you to take Adipex, the cost may be in tens of thousands.

If you have insurance that covers some or most of the cost you are in the safe zone. If you have HMO and your doctor is in your network, all you pay is deductible for the visit and it’s usually $50 or so. If you have a PPO and you visit the doctor out of network, your cost depends on the setup. Normally in the range of $200.

Another issue is medicine coverage. Some networks may not cover the cost of medicine. So in order to obtain Phentermine, you will have to pay $100s per bottle. In some cases it is cheaper to go with generic Phentermine.
Overall, depending on your medical insurance situation and your health condition, getting a prescription may cost as little as $50 deductible and all the way into tens of thousands. So before you consider this option, make sure you have enough coverage to last you several months.