Duromine is another branded Phentermine HCL based appetite suppressant. This product is developed for a medically controlled diet and lifestyle adjustment to help obese individuals lose weight. Australian based Inova Pharmaceuticals is the trademark holder and producer of this medicine. This drug is widely prescribed by health care professionals in Australia and New Zealand. If you are trying to buy Duromine online, most likely it’s illegal and you will get something else in the mail.

What’s in Duromine?

The only active ingredient in Duromine is Phentermine. Unlike its competitors, they go extra to offer a pill that includes higher milligrams – 40mg of active ingredient, compared to others 37.5mg max. It’s a risky proposition, but Australian authorities approved this drug for the consumers. It comes in modified release capsule and there are few versions of it:

  • 15mg capsule – grey and green color
  • 30mg capsule – grey and reddish brown
  • 40mg capsule – grey and orange
Duromine 15mg
Duromine 15mg
Duromine 30mg Capsules
Duromine 30mg

Who can get a Duromine prescription?

You must be over 12 years of age, be in good health and your BMI must be in the range of obesity. Do not mix Duromine with a recreational diet. It is the last resort. When all diets are failing, you must visit your doctor and ask for a prescription. After passing the health exam, it might be necessary to begin Phentermine treatment. Most likely your doctor will start you with 15mg capsules and move up as needed. Remember not to combine Duromine with other appetite suppressants, even supplements. It can be potentially dangerous and you may experience severe side effects.

Is Duromine safe?

Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration

There have been warnings in regards to use of Duromine. Some people may misuse this drug and overdose. It is an illegal substance nicknamed “legal speed” and sold on the streets as a narcotic. Do not buy Phentermine drugs illegally. It may dangerously elevate your blood pressure, you may experience insomnia, agitation, dangerously increased heart rate among other problems. Some Australian nutritionists say that this is not a safe drug to use. Nutrition Australia Queensland senior nutritionist Aloysa Hourigan said that she would never prescribe Duromine to anybody. On the other side, Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, equivalent to the FDA in the United States, claims that this drug is safe to use under medical supervision. Do not try to buy Duromine online and always make sure that your doctor is the one prescribing it to you.